Car Insurance for the newly retired. Do insurance companies take account of drivers of company cars ?

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cabinscooter asked:

I have been driving for about 44 years and have had a company car for the last 20 or so. When I retire, will an insurance company take account of this with no-claims discount for a car of my own?
I do own a classic car on a special classic car policy but as it is very cheap with limited mileage (1500 miles) applying there is no ncd.

Car Insurance Estimate – Low Cost Car Insurance Tips

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Low cost car insurance can easily be found using three key factors. These factors are the price, the policy and the reputation of the company. Low cost insurance is attainable when we make a few clever decisions. Having a lower car insurance estimate is a lifestyle decision we can all have. With a little guidance, you will be on your way to having a lower car insurance estimate.

High accident vehicles equal higher rates and low accident vehicles equal lower rates. If you enjoy driving the sport utility or high performance vehicle, chances are great that your car insurance is much higher than that of a person only drives a four door sedan. Based on the car you currently drive, ask yourself this question. “Do I drive a “luxury vehicle” or a “commuter vehicle?”

Consolidated policy discounts can offer a cheaper insurance quote. When you insure another vehicle, your home, life and health insurance on the same policy, you’ll receive a reduced monthly premium.

Safety classes and senior citizen discounts will be taken into consideration towards getting a low cost car insurance estimate.

Insurance claims submitted will determine lower or higher insurance estimates. Evaluate the value of your car and think about whether it would be wise to get your car fixed, and at the same time, live with an adjusted car insurance premium. The less claims that are filed, the lower your auto insurance will be.

Get low cost car insurance by comparison shopping for cheap car insurance on-line. Based on your insurance history, competing insurance companies will most likely give you a better car insurance estimate.

Figure out how much insurance coverage you think you really need. If you ride around in an older vehicle, you may want to consider dropping collision and comprehensive.

Increase your car insurance deductibles to ensure a lower car insurance estimate.

Low cost car insurance companies will present clients who have an excellent credit score a much lower car insurance estimate. The reason being is there is a greater chance that they will be paid on time. Most insurance companies will also offer cheap car insurance on-line.

Get a car insurance estimate online before you pick your insurance company. Comparison shop and find cheap car insurance on-line. Insurance companies are always looking to provide free insurance quotes to consumers looking to save on their insurance during these difficult economic times.

Competing Car Insurance Quotes amp Auto Insurance Rates Get Free Auto Insurance Quotes Online

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Car Insurance Tips: Understand your Coverage

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While driving can be a great deal of fun, shopping for car insurance is most assuredly not. Nobody rushes out the door in the morning anxiously awaiting the moment when they can start shopping for the best car insurance policy. Even though shopping for car insurance is not fun, however, it is important, and it is vital for everyone who drives a vehicle to have adequate protection in place. 

When it comes to car insurance, many of us simply look for the lowest premium we can fund, but it is important to consider not only price but coverage as well. After all, the whole purpose of car insurance is to ensure that your assets are protected in case of an accident, and the accident scene is not the place to find out that the coverage you purchased is not adequate.

It is important to look carefully at the minimum coverage mandated by law and determine if that minimum coverage is really adequate in the real world. It is important to look around at the value of the vehicles around you and make sure that the liability coverage on the policy will cover the cost of the majority of those vehicles. If your neighborhood is crawling with Rolls Royces and Jaguars, you may want to consider upping that liability coverage to a more realistic level.

It is also important to determine exactly what is and is not covered by that insurance policy. Many drivers do not look at the exclusions and limitations of their policy until after an accident has taken place, but the time to do so is at the beginning. It is important to carefully read the fine print in order to determine exactly what is and is not covered.

For instance, travelers will want to determine whether or not the policy covers damage done to rental cars. Many policies automatically extend coverage to any car the insured person drives, whether that car is owned by another individual or a rental car fleet. This knowledge can help the traveler save a bundle by declining the coverage offered by the rental car company.

Drivers will also want to make sure that their policy covers other licensed drivers who may drive their car from time to time. If there is any question on this subject it is important to clear it up before anyone else is allowed to drive the car. And of course no policy will cover damage done by an unlicensed or uninsured driver.

Those drivers who plan to use their car for business will also want to make sure that the car insurance company is aware of that use. Some insurers will charge extra if the vehicle is used for delivery or other business purposes, while others may provide no coverage for business use at all. It is important to read the fine print and ask the agent if necessary.

When it comes to insurance the exclusions can make all the difference. It is vital for every insurance shopper to focus not just on what is covered but what may not be covered as well. Knowing which actions are not covered by insurance will help drivers and car owners tailor their activities to provide the most protection at the least possible cost.

How Accidents Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

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Accidents is a fact of life, no matter how safe you drive your car, you can’t always control what will happen while heading on the road. However, getting involved in vehicular accidents does not mean that you will surely get a much higher auto insurance premium.

Most insurance companies will take every accident into consideration. Some of the factors insurance companies look at are: 1.) Most of the time your insurance provider considered not to increase your premium if you are found not at fault; 2.) If the damage cost exceed the car’s value and; 3.) Your auto insurance claim record. If you are not found to be at fault in your first accident, there is a chance that your premium won’t go up or there just some minimal increase on the cost. However, if you found to be the cause of the accident, your auto insurance rate will rise according to several factors. These factors are the state auto insurance laws and your local insurance company’s rate plan. Moreover, if alcohol or drugs are involved in the accident your policy could increase dramatically. Generally, expect an increase of about 20% to 40% on your premium every six months period. Your auto insurance premiums could increase more if you lose some of the discounts that you are getting such as good driving history, no claim discounts and others.

Auto insurance rates are varies from one state to another therefore if you have been in an accident, it does not mean that you will pay higher rates forever. Some states allow insurance companies to charge higher premium for an accident after three years. Just check your local insurance state board to find out how long you will be paying higher premiums.

On the other hand, if you want to obtain affordable auto insurance coverage instantly, there are two ideal options to consider. One is by going online while the other is by doing it manually. Finding low cost auto insurance rates online is absolutely quick and easy. If you are not familiar with the company you want to deal with, then search for a site that can provide you auto insurance quotes from several insurance companies. All you have to do is provide some basic information of about yourself and the type of coverage you are looking for. Just fill out an online form and submit it with the information you provided to get number of quotes from various insurance carriers. Another way is by consulting an independent insurance agent. Insurance agents are the experts and experienced individuals that will provide you the right quotes quickly and efficiently.

Keep in mind that auto insurance policy is a deal of various types of coverage. Most state requires you to buy an at least minimum amount of auto insurance coverage also known as liability coverage. This type of auto insurance is considerably less expensive however it may not protect you in the long run from expensive vehicle repair and potential lawsuits. You must take these factors into consideration when choosing how much car insurance coverage is right for you.

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