How can car insurance be sexist but not other things? Could insurers change more based on race?

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Stephen T asked:

Statistics show young men have more accidents so naturally they will pay more for car insurance. IF statistics showed one race got in more accidents or one race had their cars stolen more could insurance companies legally charge more to them? Serious answers only, please.

How You Can Protect Your Family Los Angeles Auto Insurance

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Many families neglect the importance of having car insurance thinking that it is unnecessary. If you are one of those families, better think twice. If you want to save your family from the stress and anxiety, not to mention an insurmountable amount of expenses in case of a car accident, it’s high time that you get one of those Los Angeles auto insurance policies.

Accidents happen when we least expect them so it’s best to be prepared. When you have insured your car, you won’t have to worry about where to get the money to pay for car repairs and costs of property damages.

You have to meet a deductible amount depending on the policy you bought. It is the dollar amount of claim that you need to meet before the car insurance company agrees to pay for your car repairs.

You will be given a lower deductible if you get an expensive policy. You can choose from a variety of deductibles offered by the car insurance companies.

Getting your vehicles insured is not only a means of protecting your family, it is also one way of abiding with the law since the State of California requires all vehicle owners to get auto insurance. This will serve as a safety net for you and your family. It guarantees that you need not worry about paying a lot for future car repairs whether they are caused by accidents or not.

Medical bills are covered by most insurance policies. When you get into a car accident, surgeries, doctor’s fees, physical therapies, and others can be covered by your policy. There are even insurance policies that cover pets.

Even though auto insurance can be a bit costly, it shouldn’t discourage you from getting one because there is a lot more at stake than money. You should not put a price tag on your family’s safety, and you can start by not neglecting getting an auto insurance.

You should not put your family’s safety at risk. Be a responsible vehicle owner by getting a car insurance now. Go to the many Los Angeles auto insurance companies and find out how you can get one.

What motor insurance rating software/ systems can i get off the shelf? Which are the best?

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inya asked:

I am looking for a software / system that automatically generates premiums rates or values after inputting the various variables like age of car, distance travelled, age of driver, No Claim Bonuses , Residential areas and all stuff that affect rating.

Something similar to what the Insurance Call Centres use to give Insurance Quotes online.
I am actually looking for the software that brokers and insurance companies use for use in our insurance company so I would like to get names of software suppliers who supply off the shelf.

Why You Should Go for Business Car Insurance

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Car insurance is compulsory in most of the states whether it is for personal use or commercial use. There are companies that have their own cars for transport and some of the senior employees of the company may use the company’s car for their use. Home based business is on the rise and such business needs cars to run errands for them.

In all these cases, it is compulsory to have car insurance to safeguard the companies in case their vehicles meet with an accident. Liability coverage is the least thing required to protect from financial losses. In the event of a mishap occurring in a business car, the driver of the car need not incur the loss, instead the company will. So, it is necessary for the company to have business car insurance so that the insurance companies can cover the expenses to them.

It is a normal practice for the business owners to opt for liability coverage, or collision and comprehensive coverage so that it covers the entire vehicle and the driver, if an accident happens. There are business owners who prefer to uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage which takes care when accidents occur due to the carelessness of the driver of another vehicle.

The premium for business car coverage is determined by many factors like the coverage offered, the location of the business and the driving record of the employee. The advantages of taking a business car insurance are many. In the event of the vehicle being stolen, the transportation expenses are taken care of. The coverage for music systems and cellular phones is also included in the business car insurance. The insurance agent would be the best person to suggest insurance plans that would be most suitable to the individual.

At times, the business cars would be let on lease that is used for business purposes. If any damage is caused to the individuals or property of such vehicles, business car insurance would offer a helping hand. Business car insurance closely resembles personal coverage in the sense that it is possible to pass a rider onto the personal policy to cover the company for business use.

Although accidents occur due to carelessness, even if the owner of the car is cautious, it may happen if the opponent is not. And accidents do cost a lot of money, running into hundreds of dollars, apart from the mental trauma. Worse still, if the driver incurs physical injury, the expenses can be a lot more. When a person runs a small business, he would not be in a position to afford such unforeseen expenses. Hence, it is wise to always go in for a business car insurance and get rid of the unwanted tension.

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Where To Find Cheap Car Insurance Online

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Many people find car insurance confusing – and as a result end up paying more than they should in a very competitive market. The monthly payments – or premiums – depend on several things – your level of cover, the company insuring you and how much of a risk the insurance company deems you to be.

The popularity of the internet has made it easier than ever to find, compare and choose car insurance on line. Most companies can give you a quote fairly quickly – in general, it will take from between ten to twenty minutes to enter the required information into one of the online application forms. There’s also usually a free number to ring if you want to talk to a person.

Comparing car insurance quotes online

Obtaining car insurance quotes online is fairly straightforward – although there are some things you should keep in mind. Not all insurance companies will provide an instant quote on the screen in front of you; some companies may email the quote to you or ring you at a later date.

Some car owners don’t realise that even if their current policy isn’t up for renewal just yet, most insurance companies will allow a customer to cancel the policy, if they decide to switch insurance companies. In this case, you are generally entitled to a proportionate amount as a refund.

One way to easily compare car insurance rates and products is to use one of several web sites which offer comparison shopping. Two of the better sites are the aptly named and Most sites compare the UK’s top insurance companies, including AA, Norwich Union and First Direct.

How to keep your premiums down

There are several ways you can reduce the cost of car insurance. Premiums are lower if you keep your car locked up in a garage overnight – over 50% of cars are stolen at night. Otherwise, try to park in your driveway, rather than on the street – this will also decrease the chance of vandalism.

Make sure you accurately report the mileage that you drive in a year – don’t pay for too much mileage. A change in employment or lifestyle may mean less mileage – many people don’t bother to change their car insurance details when this happens.

Having a car alarm or immobiliser installed in your car will also usually result in lower payments. An additional driver using the car may mean increased premiums. And of course, your past driving record also has a significant effect on the cost of your car insurance.

Basic car insurance policies

A recent – and welcome – innovation in car insurance is the concept of so-called basic coverage, as offered by both Tesco and Norwich Union, in an effort to simplify the often confusing process. Basic coverage also allows car owners to take out adequate insurance without paying more than they need to.

Norwich Union’s product is appropriately named Simple Cover and is available online only. The product also eliminates some of the unnecessary extras that customers tend to unknowingly pay for. Another big difference is that the premium is payable in a yearly lump sum, rather than monthly.

Tesco value car insurance is also available online only – even the application form is simpler – and Tesco has taken some of the unnecessary extras out, which can increase the cost of premiums. For example, Tesco value car insurance doesn’t offer a replacement car for use during repairs, or cover a broken windscreen.

Shopping for car insurance online shouldn’t be difficult. With a little bit of research and the right list of web addresses, choosing the right car insurance can be easy and stress-free.

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