Insurance Companies in Singapore

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Insurance Companies In Singapore

AXA Singapore

AXA Singapore, a member of one of the world’s leading financial institutions, we aim to provide you with quality financial advice and solutions for every stage of your life. From wealth management to property and liability protection, we offer you solutions that are designed to give maximum value and comprehensive protection.

Allianz Group

The Allianz Group has been operating in Singapore since 1981. Over the years within this highly competitive market, we have achieved commendable growth.With our long term goals set, we are pursuing further growth in our market share.

ACE Insurance Limited

ACE Insurance Limited is a member of the ACE Group of Companies, which, as at 31 December 2006, had world wide assets of US$67billion and an ‘A+’ rating (Standard & Poor’s). The ACE Group is one of the world’s leading providers of insurance products and operates in over 50 countries.

American International Assurance Co Ltd

American International Assurance Co Ltd, World leading insurance company operating in Singapore.

American Home Assurance Company

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is the leading U.S-based international insurance and financial services organization and the largest underwriter of commercial and industrial insurance in the United States. Its member companies write a wide range of commercial and personal insurance products through a variety of distribution channels in approximately 130 countries and jurisdictions throughout the world.

China Insurance Co (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Established in 1938, China Insurance Co. ( Singapore ) Pte Ltd (“CICS”), is formerly known as China Insurance Co. Ltd, Singapore Branch. In 2001, the company merged with The Tai Ping Insurance Co. Ltd, Singapore Branch. On 1 January 2003, China Insurance Co. Ltd, Singapore Branch was restructured into China Insurance Co. ( Singapore ) Pte Ltd.

Federal Insurance Company

Chubb is a premier provider of executive protection insurance, thanks to our customer-first claims approach, financial strength and local presence.

Singapore Reinsurance Corporation Ltd

SingRe is the only indigenous reinsurer having been established in 1973 by all the insurers then operating in Singapore.SingRe aims to be a professional reinsurer of high repute, offering our business partners innovative value added services and solutions

Swiss Reinsurance Co

We offer a wide variety of reinsurance products and financial services solutions to manage capital and risk.

X.L. Re Ltd

We are committed to providing innovative products and solutions to our customers and to delivering value to our shareholders. Our strategy is straightforward. We aim to make the most of our fundamental strengths – capital and people, and to best leverage our global and diversified platform.

Life is Great

Provides general life insurance. Contains company profile, list of products and contact details.

HSBC Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Limited

HSBC Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited, which is ultimately owned by HSBC Holdings plc, the London-based holding company of the HSBC Group. HSBC Group is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, with major personal, commercial, corporate and investment banking and insurance businesses operating in some 10,000 offices in 82 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

TM Asia Insurance Singapore Ltd.

TM Asia Insurance Singapore Ltd. is one of the oldest general insurance companies in Singapore. We offer a wide range of general insurance products that will meet your personal and business risk management needs. You can find out more about our products, get a quote, buy online, renew your policy.

Singapore Insurance.

Singapore Insurance provides service for Life insurance and medical insurance in Singapore. Online quotation and application is available.

Aviva Life Insurance Singapore

From its humble beginnings as a fire insurance office in London in 1696, the Aviva Group has grown from strength to strength spanning over three centuries. Recent events which underpinned its prominence in the financial services industry even further — the merger of Commercial Union and General Accident in 1998 to form CGU and the merger of CGU and Norwich Union in 2000.

Pacific Prime Insurance Company

Feeling comfortable in the knowledge that if something was to happen to a family member their medical costs will be taken care of, is important to us all. Our expert consultants can advise on the most suitable level of coverage for families, individuals, groups, travelers, and teachers expatriate health insurance.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Singapore)

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Singapore has established itself as a prominent player in the local insurance market since 2001. We certainly would like to play an important role in the growth of Singapore, having regard to the fact that we have been here for over 40 years, and having witnessed Singapore’s transformation from a fishing village in the 60’s to the dynamic financial centre that she is now.

Manulife (Singapore) Private Limited

The merger of Manulife Financial and John Hancock, including its Canadian subsidiary Maritime Life, combines exceptionally strong companies into a dynamic global market leader headquartered in Canada. As our customer, you will benefit from our dedication to excellent customer service, our greater depth of talent, and an enhanced array of unique and innovative financial solutions for every stage of life.

Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance (Singapore) Limited

Royal & Sun Alliance is one of the largest foreign insurers in Singapore, with origins dating back to 1827. The Group consists of three regions (UK, International and Emerging Markets) with operations in 27 countries, providing insurance products and services in over 130 countries through our network of global partners.

SHC Capital Limited

SHC Capital Limited is the insurance arm of See Hoy Chan Sdn. Berhad Group. We offer a wide range of general insurance products that cater to the different needs of individuals and corporations.

Shenton Insurance

Shenton Insurance Pte Ltd is a direct general insurer specialising in health insurance and employee benefit solutions. Programmes include outpatient coverage, traditional hospitalisation and surgical (H&S) plans, managed care programmes and flexi-benefits schemes. Shenton Insurance covers industries ranging from financial to telecommunications to retail clients.

Cosmic Insurance Corporation Limited

The company experienced steady progress from a minor player in the insurance industry to being among the top 10 general insurers in Singapore. Cosmic’s gross turnover premium is well in excess of $60 million today. Its business comprises of all classes of general insurance.

Ecics Limited

ECICS Limited is provider of a broad range of credit insurance and, bonds and guarantees programmes.ECICS Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly-listed IFS Capital Limited (“IFS”). IFS is a recognised financial institution which specialises in short- and long-term financing services for enterprises in a wide spectrum of industries.

Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs- Ag

We have been active in Singapore since 2000 and have a mature operation with clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We are proud of the services we are offering and we are poised to develop them further.

Financial Security Assurance Incorporated

The fundamental core of our financial guaranty business is careful underwriting of transactions where the probability of default is remote and, in case of default, the expected severity of loss is low. We therefore focus on municipal bonds, infrastructure financings, asset-backed securities and certain other structured transactions that meet these criteria.

Groupama Transport

Groupama Transport(1), the marine insurance company of the GROUPAMA(2) group, whose activity has for more than a century been exclusively dedicated to Marine insurance in France and world-wide, has recently opened up to aviation and satellite insurance.

Nipponkoa Insurance Company Limited

Japan’s third-oldest non-life insurance provider, the Company commands more than 9% of Japan’s non-life insurance market, which ranks as one of the largest in the world, together with those of United States, Germany, and England.

Sompo Japan Insurance Company (Asia) Private Ltd.

General insurance for corporate and individual needs including property insurance, marine insurance, general accident insurance, workmen’s compensation and motor insurance

Tenet Insurance Company Limited


At Tenet, our vision is to become the premier insurer in our chosen market segments of personal lines, marine as well as small and mid-sized enterprises. We also aim to be recognised for our professionalism, innovativeness and quality services at competitive prices.

Associations & Institutions

Singapore College of Insurance


The Singapore College of Insurance (SCI) is a not-for-profit, industry-based training and professional education provider that was set up in 1974 in support of Singapore’s aspiration to be a major international financial centre in the region. For over 30 years now, SCI has drawn on its passion for industry development and continuous learning in the fields of Insurance, Risk Management and Financial Services to build a strong international reputation for high quality, industry-relevant training and education programmes.

Life Insurance Association Singapore


Life Insurance Association Singapore has established to promote the growth and development of the Singapore life insurance industry and to protect interests shared by life insurers and policyholders.

General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA)

As a trade associations within the General Insurance (GI) industry, GIA’s role is to be active in the GI industry environment on behalf of its members, forecasting and responding to issues that may arise, and anticipating opportunities to identify, shape and influence change support of members’business needs.

Singapore Insurance Institute


Singapore Insurance Institute came into exitance to serve as the institute for professionals in insurance and financial services.To promote professional standards and conduct in the insurance and financial services industries.

Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC)

The Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC) administers the Deposit Insurance Scheme in Singapore (Scheme). SDIC is a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act. The board of directors is accountable to the Minister in charge of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Ways To Getting Best Auto Insurance

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In the world that keeps relentless record of each and every single thing that occurs in your life, calls it a credit report, and takes satisfaction in tossing it in your face each and every time you rent a home, attempt to obtain a loan or attempt to purchase auto insurance, it could appear like there is nothing that’s as part of your control – it is all prepared somewhere what you’re eligible to, and you are never getting anything more effective. While which is true to an extent, there still are some factors you are authorized control more than. And a competitive auto insurance rate (otherwise the best auto insurance rate) is one of them.

The process that auto insurance companies use to check your danger and quote you a premium is known as underwriting. All insurance companies use much more or less the identical technique; nevertheless, there will be several wrinkles that seem diverse from one service to one more. Let’s consider the most important areas they judge the merits of your case by, and what you can do over it.

Of the parameters they use which are about guaranteed, are these:

Your age – underwriters imagine that people calm somewhat as soon as they hit 25; anyone under that age, is recognized as a hellcat driver and is charged two times the adult base premium.

Nevertheless, whatever you lose prior to turn 25, you extra than make up for when you get older; anyone over 40 for example can desire probably the most competitive premiums. In a planet where exactly men generally cannot help however experience that they’re somehow superior at driving (even though they won’t admit that they believe that way), here is positive proof; when the insurance companies should bet cold difficult cash on it, they would bet on ladies for driving skills everyday.

On the other hand ladies can anticipate something but the best auto insurance rates if they run up a couple of tickets; the insurance companies consider your driving record in the past 5 years to modify your premium with. However anyone who’s married can hope the underwriters to think they’ve settled down, and intend to drive safe and stay alive.


Car Insurance for the newly retired. Do insurance companies take account of drivers of company cars ?

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car insurance
cabinscooter asked:

I have been driving for about 44 years and have had a company car for the last 20 or so. When I retire, will an insurance company take account of this with no-claims discount for a car of my own?
I do own a classic car on a special classic car policy but as it is very cheap with limited mileage (1500 miles) applying there is no ncd.

Auto Insurance Plan Ratings & What You Need To Know

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Companies which provide insurance plan for common man, like auto insurance plan, home insurance plan, car insurance plan, and property insurance plan, have ratings on them depending on their value in the market. The ratings given to the company are essential and they’re the ones which make someone take decision on choosing the company to get his car or house insured. We’re going to talk about the CA auto insurance plan ratings in short. These ratings are given by regulating authorities in the State of California and the insurance companies run their business on these ratings.

The rating of the insurance company is considered through the government and the ratings companies according to the economic strength of the insurance company. The ratings companies will read the financial data of the insurance companies at regular time periods and check out their claims and complaints too to reach a conclusion of a rating.

Every rating is given to a company it’s published and people needing to know the value of the company could see the ratings released on the different government insurance plan websites. A secure company with a decent rating is what you need to decide in the state of CA.

The rating system operates on grades. An ‘A’ means the company is a safe & secure one and is considered paramount. A ‘C’ means the company is average and hasn’t got such a good reputation. Some rating companies are also given an ‘A plus’ or an ‘A minus’ for the reputation and the value of the company in the market.

The lower the rating, it’ll indicate that the company doesn’t have a strong financial base for solving claims & customer requests. CA auto insurance plan companies are rated depending on their capability to solve claims. If you want a beneficial insurance company makes sure for its rating.


Is it possible to buy a car and car insurance without permanent license, based on California Temporary license?

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car insurance
Alok asked:

I have a valid drivers license from India and have a Temporary Drivers License from California. Can I buy a car before getting my permanent drivers license?

Will it be possible to get car insurance without having permanent drivers license (based on California Temporary Drivers License and License from India)?

If yes, how much time will the insurance company give me, to get permanent license?

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