Cheap Student Car Insurance Options

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Students do have many reasons to spend a lot of money and it is unfair to burden them with a high cost of insurance premiums but nevertheless, the insurance companies justify their stand by saying that students tend to travel more and hence are liable to incur high car insurance costs. But the fact remains that the student car insurance cost is quite high and there are many ways to minimize this cost.

Primarily, a student can opt for a small car instead of a sports car to reduce the premium amount to be paid. There are many online insurers, who trade online and the biggest savings on student car insurance can be made by comparing the various quotes on different sites offered by different companies. There are brokers too, who help in this regard but charge a fee for it.

There are certain sites that work especially for students and young drivers and offer discounts and incentives to buy from them. The type of car insurance that the student has to take, has to be decided first and it is a good choice to take third party insurance. Comprehensive coverage is not recommended for students as the insurance prices would be too high.

If security devices are installed in the car, like wheel and steering locks and windows having registration, anti braking systems, air bags, reinforced safety belts and so on, then, the cost of student car insurance can be reduced. In fact, the place where the car is kept also influences the cost of student car insurance and it is better to mention in the application if the car is to be kept in the campus with security.

Students who have passed an extended and advanced driving course are eligible for a reduced premium than those who have passed only their driving test. This would fetch them an added discount of five percent till they reach the age of twenty five. There are online driver education courses that would cost only half the amount of offline classes.

Though it is a  subject of argument , the fact remains that the student who does his or her academics well in school is less prone to get into a car accident and hence is offered a student discount -as much as twenty percent of the premium-depending upon the grades in school.

The insurance premium of car is priced according to what is known as risk profile of the geographic area, where the car will be driven. If the student possesses a good driving record, the chances are high that he gets a cheap car insurance.  Also, having a high deductible would save on the premium and the deductible that suits the budget can be chosen.

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Get Your Motor Insurance Quote Online With A Brokers Help

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A broker can save you an enormous amount of time and money if you get your motor insurance quote online. They are able to gather quotes based on your individual circumstances a broker will know who is likely to offer the cheapest premiums for car insurance based on the information you give to them.

There are insurance companies who tailor car insurance to certain individuals. For example there are those who provide low cost insurance to younger drivers, women motorists or older drivers. A broker will be aware of this and so go with those lenders for your quotes. Of course you will have to decide which level of insurance you want and this will affect the cost.

Fully comprehensive insurance is the dearest type but gives the most cover. Third party fire and theft comes in the middle price range and is often more suitable for younger drivers. Third party only is the least amount of cover you can take and is the cheapest and basic insurance. The level you choose to take is affected by the cost of the car; if you buy a car over a certain amount then financially speaking, you have no option but to take out fully comprehensive in order to protect your investment adequately.

Once you have decided which level you require, then a broker will search based on this and other factors. Insurance companies offer a cheaper motor insurance quote based on many considerations. One of the ways which you can get a cheaper quote is if you have substantial no claims bonus. Drivers who have built this up with years’ of experience will be able to secure the cheapest premiums for their insurance.

Younger drivers often find that they are in the high end of the bracket when it comes to paying out for car insurance. The type of car you choose will add to the cost. If it is a sporty model with a big engine then you can expect to pay more for cover. A younger driver would be better off choosing a more sedate small model in order to keep the insurance costs down. Taking advanced driving lessons to improve your safety can help and a broker can certainly dig out those insurance companies who are more lenient with younger drivers.

Installing additional safety features on you car such as having windows etched, putting in car alarms and fitting a tracking device can all go a long way to keeping down the cost of your car insurance. A specialist website will be able to give you hints, tips and advice on many more ways to reduce the cost. Certainly getting your motor insurance quote online is the best way to not only make great savings but is also the easiest way. A specialist will provide you will the key facts of the insurance policy and this is where you can find what is and is not covered. It is essential you read these and compare them at the same time as comparing the premiums because they can vary quite a lot between quotes.

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Car Insurance – How To Reduce Your Payments

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When you are looking around for a new car insurance policy you will find that you may be overwhelmed with choices. You need to remember the different levels of cover may also affect your premium.

Every car has an insurance grouping, this basically means that every car is put into a category of different levels of risk groups, this is something that you need to consider when buying a car

If you need to cut the costs on your car insurance then the best way is to sacrifice the fully comprehensive coverage and any money that you save by doing this could be added to a high interest savings account to save money for later on.

Another sure way of reducing your car insurance costs is to drive safely, having fewer tickets or accidents will reduce your monthly premium and will save you money both now and in the future. Acting responsibly when driving will not only save you money on your car insurance but will also keep both yourself and others safer on the road.

If you have more than one vehicle then always remember to ask your insurance company if you can receive any sort of discount for insuring more than one car with them.

The type of car you drive will effect your car insurance, generally the bigger the car the higher the insurance, to save money you could consider driving a smaller car with a smaller engine, this will reduce your car insurance quote.

Car insurance companies will offer discounts if you have safety equipment attached to the car, anti theft devices and air bags or similar equipment often do not get mentioned when applying for car insurance but could save a considerable amount of money.

If you park your car in a locked garage make sure you advise your insurance company of this as this could get you a safety discount

Ask about age discounts, some companies will offer a considerable discount if you are aged between 40- 50 and remember to only buy the cover you need, you may be tempted to add on additional cover or extras such as road side assistance however if you are someone that does not travel far this may be something you simply do not need.

If you have more than one car make the older or less valuable car the main car for any younger drivers in your household as age can have a big effect on car insurance. If you do have young drivers in your home a great way to reduce their car insurance is to take additional driving courses.

You may also want to consider changing your excess, this is the sum of money you would pay if you needed to make a car insurance claim. If you increase this amount your quote should go down.

Always get more than one quote when you do look around for car insurance, there are many easy and quick online forms that you could fill in to get a quote there and then.

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Car Insurance – The Cost of Fraud

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There are many people having difficulty paying their car insurance at the moment and as a result, some have decided to find ways to make their policy cheaper. With insurance costs on the rise and job security uncertain, some people are eager to lower their cover as far as it will go but the problem is that these cheaper methods are very often illegal. Some Brits are so anxious to reduce their costs that they will consider these illegal methods in order to cut the price of their car insurance premiums. The worrying this about this trend is that these shortcuts may end up costing customers more in the long run and even prevent them from getting cover in the future. Fraud is one of the many methods that people have been using in an attempt to cut down on their premiums. It is committed when the application form is filled out incorrectly, with the wrong details. This is even the case when seemingly insignificant information such as contact details are incorrect. Another type of fraud that can be committed is known as fronting and is quite common. This is when an older and more experienced driver claims to drive a car that is mainly driven by a new driver. Car insurance policies are very often cheaper for older drivers than new ones and this is why fronting has become very popular. Fronting is not only fraudulent but it is also detrimental to the young person as they may find it very difficult to find reasonable car insurance quotes in the future. Due to all this fraudulent behaviour, the number of claims refused by insurers has soared by nearly a third in the last six months, according to a leading insurer. A price comparison website has also found that there are many drivers who are willing to adjust the facts in order to save a few pounds. A survey of over 1,500 motorists found that only 39 per cent of those questioned would not consider lying to lower their car insurance premiums. A much better and safer way of finding cheap car insurance is to compare different quotes from a variety of companies online.

The illegal act of fronting has become a very popular way to try and reduce the cost of your car insurance policy; however, this can mean that younger people may find it difficult to get reasonable car insurance quotes in the future. A study found that only 39 per cent of those questioned would not consider lying on their application form in order to try and lower their car insurance premiums. It is more successful and also safer for find cheap car insurance by comparing prices online.

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Buying a New Car? Bear in Mind Car Insurance Quotes

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It’s worth remembering that when you purchase your new car, it’s likely to be the second largest investment you will ever make after a house. Making a decision about the right car for you will obviously depend on a number of factors, but an important one to take into account is how the vehicle you drive will affect car insurance quotes.

Here are some tips on how to make the right choices in order to keep car insurance quotes reasonably priced.


Car insurance quotes reflect the model of car you choose. If you insist of a sporty racing model with a large engine you are going to be hit with a higher insurance premium than a more standard model variant. Take the time to really assess your motor vehicle needs. If you are only going to use the car to go shopping twice a week, then you can probably afford to go for a much lower specification motor. Not only are basic models cheaper to buy, they also receive much lower car insurance quotes as the spare parts are easier to source than special models.

The trick is to avoid elevating yourself into an elite category of specialist motor vehicles which attract much higher premiums on car insurance quotes. Opting for things such as a smaller engine or a hard top instead of soft-top convertible can help reduce your insurance costs.

Anti-theft devices

When looking to purchase a vehicle, it’s a good idea to invest in one that has sound anti-theft devices fitted. Obviously car insurers are looking for a car which is not going to attract the attention of thieves, and an industry recognised anti-theft device will not only dissuade burglars but make insurers happier and is more likely to reduce car insurance quotes that they offer you.


Cars that have done less mileage attract cheaper car insurance quotes. Quotes are cheaper because cars with fewer miles on the clock are less likely to fail and need expensive parts replacing. Where possible, it’s a good idea to buy a car which has done relatively few miles. As an added tip, you can reduce car insurance quotes significantly if you are only going to travel a short distance annually. The fewer miles you drive in a year, the cheaper your car insurance quote will be.

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