Do I need Legal Cover when taking out Motor Insurance?

November 10, 2017 · Posted in FAQ · 6 Comments 
motor insurance
Raheel K asked:

Do I need Legal Cover when taking out Motor Insurance? What does Legal Cover actual mean? Would I need Legal Cover if I want to a third party accident claims company?

How does having a roommate affect car insurance premiums and renter’s insurance?

October 28, 2017 · Posted in FAQ · 5 Comments 
car insurance
Rococo asked:

I’m on a time crunch to get into an apartment, and I’m trying to move in with my boyfriend. My parents are concerned that having any kind of roommate, boyfriend or not, will make our car insurance premiums go up (because he could potentially use the car) and that their home owner’s insurance won’t cover my belongings under the renter’s insurance rider we’ve previously used (simply because I have a roommate).

Does anyone know what affect having a roommate has on car insurance and renter’s insurance?

How does insurance work when driving another persons’ car?

October 24, 2017 · Posted in FAQ · Comment 
car insurance
sgtUFpepper asked:

If I’m driving another persons’ car which has insurance on it (but I don’t own a car or have auto insurance) and there is an accident, will the persons’ car insurance cover it. Also, is it legal to drive that car since its insured already (even though I don’t own insurance myself). Please don’t guess…

Motor insurance? Considering Ireland is in the EU, can i get my insurance with an English motor insurer?

October 23, 2017 · Posted in FAQ · Comment 
motor insurance
adrian m asked:

I’m sick paying over the odds in Ireland for motor insurance. Can i get cover from an English or northern Ireland motor insurer that will cover me in the Rep of Ireland considering the free movement of goods and services within the EU

Does the insurance cover my car after i just barely bought and crashed the next day?

October 14, 2017 · Posted in FAQ · 6 Comments 
car insurance
adelmaro25 asked:

My Uncle bought a car one day and the next day he crashed. So I was wondering if his old car insurance which he is still paying for can cover the car.

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