Who is offering the best and cheapest car insurance in the uk?

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Fred Lloyd asked:

I am finding the ever increasing price of car insurance is becoming a bit of a burden. I am at present with one of the recovery companies and the costs are spiralling…..Help an old geezer out…PLEASE….Frederick.

Where can I get the cheapest price on my car insurance renewal in the UK at the moment?

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qpr26 asked:

Does anyone know which company(s) is doing any good deals at present on car insurance. I have four years no claims and over 25. Have you recently had a good quote? Let me know!! Thanks.

why is it a requirement to have a car insurance in the UK?

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therock asked:

i have just passed my driving test last week. i already have ford fiesta (its so loud). why would i want to insure my car against what. what is car insurance about? what/where is the cheapest company to go and why?

what are the benefits of car insurance?

How much does Car Insurance costs about in the UK for me ?

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Bahrainlover asked:

Hello .
I’m thinking to buy a used car because it is important for me here where I study , but I’ve heared that the insurance costs a lot in the UK .
How much does it about to cost for car insurance to me in the UK ,
if :
1- I’m 20 years old.
2- I have 1 year experience in driving .

Also , How much does it costs for registration ?

What’s a reasonable price I should pay a car mechanic for an alarm certificate for insurance purposes?

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The Exotic Dr. Congo asked:

UK question

My car insurance company requires written evidence from a car garage that my car has a factory fitted alarm.

How much should I pay them for this?
hi, i require an alarm CERTIFICATE to prove the alarm is present. i already have an alarm in the vehicle.