That Puddle Under Your Vehicle

October 1, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

When it comes to that “puddle” under your vehicle – be it car, truck , SUV or even highway transport rig that liquid under the vehicle or oil stain should not be ignored. It can end up costing you transport delays , safety issue and a lot of cash out of your wallet.

More than one driver has had substantial safety issues as well as very expensive automotive repairs at their local auto dealer simply by ignoring obvious fluids loss under their vehicle , lying on the roadway. The “idiot ” lights on your dashboard may alert you as a driver , but only after the expensive damage has been done.

Check the fluid in your radiator. Its easy to do spot by the level of the fluid in the overflow tank under the hood. Its more than easily apparent. Never ever open the rad cap when the engine is hot or even on the warm side.

It never hurts to check and inspect your brake fluid on a regular basis. Its easy and simple to do . Or just have it done at regular vehicle inspection and maintenance updates at your automotive garage or dealer. One other expert auto mechanic tip is that when purchasing a used , pre-owned car or truck , is to have the brake fluid replaced. This automotive component is often disregarded and not though of , even after many many miles by most motorists and even some mechanics in the auto trades.

There are a couple of type of engine and auto fluids that can leak, that which though not as common can be troublesome and as well should draw notice and attention. Simple motor oil leaking from the oil drip pan on the bottom of your auto engine. These are downright unsightly and will stain driveways and roadways. Its usually a slow leak, which does not drain the engine but will do damage to property and cause unsightly stains.

All in all , checking fluid levels and watching out for leaks is simple , standard and thorough maintenance. The sign of a good driver.

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