The Benefits Associated With Direct Car Insurance

August 7, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Graham McKenzie

Direct Car Insurance is the option of buying your car insurance directly from an authorized insurance company instead of going through insurance middlemen and independent agents.

To draw an analogy for the new business model, it is like choosing between a general medical practitioner and a specialist. A general practitioner would have an idea about the actual root cause for a symptom compared to a specialist, who would be able to diagnose the exact nature of your problem and prescribe a solution that would have a better result.

Something similar happens when you choose a direct car insurance policy over an indirect car insurance policy. One may argue that it is far easier to get quotes and information on car insurance policies from multiple indirect sources, as there are plenty in the car insurance market. It may also be a better idea as these indirect car insurers offer a wide variety of services in order to keep their car insurance policies better than the rest.

However, indirect car insurance policies carry with them higher hidden costs bundled in the services that they offer. Middlemen and independent agents build in their profits also into the offer though it might look in the first instance that they are offering multiple services at competitive rates. Larger independent car insurance companies carry higher hidden costs in their quote.

The direct car insurance agencies, on the other hand have their benefits. If you go at first to a direct car insurance company, you will directly be in touch with the car insurance provider itself. These direct car insurance providers are usually large companies which have in house services like emergency pick up vehicles, tie ups with official car service centers, legal advisors and such important services. What happens here is that these direct car insurance providers may not have to outsource their services to other car insurance agencies? Even if they do, they have clear and set procedures that are outlined. This removes the reasons for inordinate delays in providing emergency car services, settling claims and providing interim relief through rent a car services etc.

When you buy a policy from a direct car insurance agency you also save on costs. You can get cheaper car insurance with some very good facilities. Remember it is not the amount of services that you can get but whether those services can be used when you need them. You may even be able to work out cheaper premiums for flexible periodic payments as well when you go to direct car insurance agencies. And to top it off you may even get some free extra covers along with your standard cover as well. These come in handy and end up saving you some money at a later stage. For example you may get free extended territorial cover or the direct car insurance agency may offer extended legal liability to family members. These would be specific to the district of residence of course.

In case of insuring multiple cars with a direct car insurance agency, they would be able to offer better premium with better value added services. This would translate into reduction in your associated costs and this is true if there is one direct car insurance agency that has to be coordinated with at all times. You would need to do due diligence with few car insurance agencies which provide direct car insurance before making a decision. This would give you good idea about the bundle of services provided by different insurance agencies and you would be able to make a comparison between them and take an informed decision. So last but not the least, you would be able to save your pocket by approaching direct car insurance agencies, who would provide end to end solution for your needs!

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