The Complex But Doable New York SR22 Insurance Requirements

June 29, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

This article is about the New York SR22 insurance requirements. Insurance is a must have in the society of today. Many drivers who drive uninsured are doing so illegally. Most states require drivers to have auto insurance and police are required to check proof of insurance when they pull you over. If you get into an accident or are hurt in a car accident or you get a driving under the influence citation and are not insured, you will be facing some legal problems.

The SR22 document is issued by insurance companies when their clients get into accidents and are not able to provide any proof of insurance. Not being able to provide proof of insurance is always a red flag for police officers. The SR22 document can save you big money in fines.

Liability for damage is what the SR22 proves. It is the proof of insurance for your car. Every state has different laws regarding the SR22 documentation. It is hard for most people to comprehend just what this document does.

An SR22 document does not need to be filed in New York. This is one of the only states that does this, along with North Carolina. You still need to fulfill the filing of the SR22 from your original state if you move into one of these states.

Any type of automobile accident, in which you are at fault, you must file this document. As said before, New York does not require this to be done. The government finds out just how much you are covered and you insurance agency finds out just how high of a risk you are.

If you are cited for a driving while under the influence offense, you also have to file an SR22 document. Once again, it lets your insurance provider know just how much of a risk you are to keep on their coverage plan. Under no circumstance do you want to have to fill this document out.

Repeat traffic offenders must also fill this out. Most states also require the form to be filed for a DWI charge. If your license is suspended or even revoked you are required to fill this form out. Once again, New York does not require these things to be fulfilled.

The SR22 form is a binding contract between the government, you, and your insurance provider. Limits and certain penalties can be set on the SR22 document. You must follow these limitations until the form expires, which can be up to three or five years. You must always follow the SR22 of another state if you move; even if you move to a non SR22 state.

Filing the SR22 form causes problems for many people because they do not understand it. As a general rule, you must fill this form out in many states if you are cited for DWI, DUI, repeatedly getting traffic violations, have your license suspended or revoked, or get into an at fault accident. New York does not require the SR22, but it does require that you follow SR22 documents from other states.


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