The Importance Of A Short term Car Insurance Policy

July 17, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Short term car insurance is designed to insure a car for a very short period of time. This is something that you can use when you have just purchased a vehicle from a private dealer and have yet to get it added to your primary insurance policy. Others use it in order to lend a car to a friend or relative, or to borrow a car from one.

You may want this type of insurance plan if you are, for example, renting a car to travel on holiday or a short trip, or even if you have a guest who needs the use of your car. Many insurance policies allow an additional driver in the terms of coverage. However, if the person has an accident or is fined for a traffic violation, you are the one responsible for the claim and the increases to your premium. To avoid this have the other driver get his/her own insurance policy.

It is possible to obtain a short term car insurance policy that lasts from three days to a couple of months. Each company has their own rules about short term policies. When you have insurance an insurance policy that covers less than a full year, it is considered to be temporary insurance. It’s even possible to obtain an insurance policy that covers a single day, if that’s all you need. What makes it worthwhile is that this can be bought immediately, and the necessary documents are ready to be downloaded. All you need to do is print it out and carry it with you when you go driving.

This option is free from hassles and easy on your wallet, as opposed to the complicated process of getting a normal insurance plan. You won’t have to worry about annual premiums at all. It is also simple to renew your short term car insurance if you need it for a longer time, or to upgrade it to a standard insurance policy by investing more money. You can quickly and easily cover claims online by using a credit card.

Short term insurance suits those who do not use their car frequently or on a regular basis. In that case, owning a car may also be a liability. You might find it makes more sense to just rent a car on the days that you need to drive and get a short term insurance policy to cover the same days rather than spending the money on an insurance policy you rarely use.

Make sure that all your insurance plans come with clauses and terms and conditions. The best way to go about getting this type of insurance is to look at the options offered by several different companies before making a choice. Getting the policy itself is quick; take the time to do the research and get the best policy available.


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