The Risks Of Being A Driver

October 12, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Graham McKenzie

Car insurance is required to be able to legally drive on all roads. We can become quite confused when trying to determine how much insurance we actually need, what the insurance company considers a risk and which items or circumstances will reward us with the most deductions to our premiums and policy payments. The total cost of the insurance plan is calculated when insurance companies weigh each customer?s risks as well as the incendence risks of the vehicle they are insuring.

Your driving record is crucial for the insurance company to get an idea of what kind of driver they can expect you to be. Drivers with few or no accidents will get a better rate, while drives with more will see high rates. Moving violations like speeding tickets will also play a similar role in calculating the risk. Insurance companies also consider your age and experience as a driver. New drivers with a shorter history are see as a higher risk because they have no proven history that can be use for assessing risk. On the other hand, a mature driver with a strong and safe driving record is considered to be of low risk because they have proven themselves a good driver.

Your credit rating effects how the insurance companies calculate risk. With a good credit rating they believe you will be able to make on time payments without defaulting on your payments. It also reflects on your character, showing more responsibility which may translate to the road. A bad credit rating requires them to take the risk of a default on the payment and the risk that you may not be a responsible person.

Previous insurance history can also reflect risk. Looking at past insurance history also given an idea of what kind of drive you have been, whether you where able to hold long term insurance with few claims and without brakes in coverage, or you switched insurance often, implying difficulties with payments or claims. With bad or no previous insurance history it can be hard to find coverage.

Your car is one of the most important parts in determining how much you will pay for insurance. Expensive cars cost more to fix than cheaper cars, so if you crash it, the insurance company has to pay more. A brand new sports car will have much higher premiums than a ten-year old or older car. All of the factors have to be weighed out, including the cost of replacement of the vehicle, the cost of repair if damaged, and also the likelihood of it begin in an accident, stolen or vandalized before you know how much you will pay.

Finally, there are certain car assessories that can increase the chances of a car being stolen, and thus, requiring higher rates. Alloy wheels, an expensive car stereo, or other customized features will increase the risk of theft. If you protect your car with an anti-theft device, such as an alarm or a GPS tracker, insurance companies may lower your rates. If you want information regarding the risk category into which your vehicle may fall, contact your car dealership or find a reliable website or search engine online. These sources will help you determine whether you own a high risk vehicle. If you discover your vehicle falls into a high risk category, make an appointment with your insurance agent to discuss methods of lowering your risk and your premiums.

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