The Safe Practice Of Defensive Driving

November 6, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Nathan Lewit

The practice of Defensive driving is a must for all drivers as it helps avoid risks, save money and time while on the road. It provides the drivers with the required knowledge to face adverse situations and safely negotiate them. As the general driving rules tend to miss out on some of the safety aspects the skills provided by Defensive driving comes in handy. These skills can only be learnt from professional instructors.

The safety campaigns introduced by the government like seat belt and air bag usage have not reduced the number of accidents happening on the road. It requires a change in the mindset of the driver to help them avoid mistakes and prevent disaster on the roads. Defensive driving comes in handy to enforce the implementation of proper driving techniques and safety rules for the drivers.

This kind of driving is not just about avoiding accidents or getting driving tickets on the road because this kind of driving improves your knowledge about road safety rules and provides you the latest update. A clear picture will be drawn to show the difference between legal and illegal vehicle usage on the road. It also helps you understand certain complex situations which might be useful for your future safety and well being.

This driving technique provides that necessary edge to the driver to be careful while driving on the road, avoiding road rage, coping with difficult situation, anticipating risks and overcoming the bad driving skills of others.

The vehicle manufacturers have introduced a lot of innovative technologies like air bag, safety belts, and skid controls but have failed to prevent mishaps on the road. It is important to understand that the final onus lies on the driver to be careful and prevent mishaps due to mistakes committed by them or others. The maintenance of gas, tires, brakes, and oil checks also help prevent any unwanted incident while on the road.

Following the 2-second safety rule, driving slowly in rough weather or at night, avoiding phone calls, providing sufficient space to other vehicles to pass by, avoiding driving under alcoholic influence or lack of sleep, and reacting to adverse situations in a better way are some of the key ideas of Defensive driving.

There are also certain general driving rules linked to the Defensive driving techniques like wearing seat belts, stopping at red light or stop sign, keeping focus on the road while driving, carefully observing slow moving vehicles or the ones that have stopped in the road, and providing necessary signals to help others understand your moves. These techniques combine together to ensure maximum safety on the road.

There are several ways to learn this form of driving such as joining traditional classroom course, watching DVD or video tutorials, joining a course online that helps you understand and practice your skills online and there are some comedy clubs that offer defensive driving course as well. But the main objective should be to join a course that is authorized and certified and suits your needs.

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