The Ways That 4×4 Insurance Varies From Standard Car Insurance

April 8, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

4×4 owners may wonder why their insurance rates are higher than they are with cars. The fact is that 4×4 vehicles are much different than normal cars and vehicles. They have extra capabilities and features that the insurance company sees as more hazardous. You should know what to expect before you buy a 4×4 vehicle.

Basic car insurance will cover you for different aspect of an accident. A policy may cover the other driver and car, your car and injuries, and/or damage sustained from ‘acts of God’. These would include natural disasters and theft, depending on what your policy states. 4×4 insurance policies will work in the exact same way as regular car insurance, although it may be more expensive. A higher profile vehicle will cause more damage in an accident and will have higher costing repairs.

Another important factor is that 4×4 vehicles are known as high profile vehicles. They usually will be a target for theft more than an average car. This is especially true if the vehicle is kept in a public parking lot. Those who have a 4×4 vehicle and live in the city will pay more for insurance since their vehicle is more likely to be targeted due to higher crime rates.

Also if you do get into an accident your insurance company may not cover some of the parts that you have. Many 4×4 enthusiasts add extra parts to increase the performance of their vehicles. If you have these parts attached they will most likely not be covered by your insurance company and may even cause your vehicle to be classified as a higher risk vehicle for having aftermarket parts. If the company offers insurance to cover aftermarket parts then you will be paying quite a bit more in insurance.

Off road driving is the biggest difference between 4×4 and regular car insurance. This option lets you take your vehicle off of the road and through other terrains. If you damage your vehicle, which is fairly likely, the damages will only be covered if you have a specific policy with off-road insurance. A standard policy will become void for the time you drive off road, leaving you to pay the damages yourself. Prices will increase if you regularly participate in races or other all-terrain sports with your 4×4. Some people choose to get insurance for these events just for one day to reduce costs.

It’s important to know that as with sports cars 4×4 vehicles will be more expensive naturally when it comes to insurance. The best thing you can do is to compare quotes from various companies and find the lowest rate. You can also greatly reduce the rate of your vehicle by having it just for a recreational vehicle. You will also want to read through the policies that each company offers. This is because some companies will cover some situations while others won’t. If you plan on doing something besides driving your 4×4 vehicle you should ask your insurance agent what they can cover.


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