Thinking About Florida SR22 Insurance Requirements For Higher Risk Motorists

April 13, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

What is SR22 insurance? At times, there can be confusion surrounding this type of insurance. There are a number of reasons why this may happen. There are also many things to know about this type of auto insurance. Here is information concerning Florida SR22 insurance requirements.

Someone may be responsible for a serious traffic offense. It may be a DUI offense. There are penalties as a result. Your driver’s license may be suspended. It may also be revoked. When it is time to receive your license again, you must meet SR22 qualifications. This includes proof of continuous insurance coverage. You cannot simply sign your name anymore.

SR22 is the form that your insurance company must file with the state of Florida. It has to be filed electronically. It may also be faxed. The information on this form concerns your insurance coverage. You need a specific amount of auto insurance for SR22.

The company that holds your insurance policy is required to notify the states for other reasons also. You may cancel your insurance policy. You may not make one of your payments. This will cause your coverage to lapse. Your coverage may lapse for only one day. All of these instances must be reported to the state of Florida. This lasts for three years.

It is a good idea to keep your auto insurance current in an SR22 situation. If your coverage lapses, your driver’s license will once again, be suspended. In addition, your car tags and registration will also be suspended. This suspension may be up to three years. You will have to pay fees for reinstatement. Your three year SR22 period will begin again. This does not matter how much time was left.

As a high risk driver, your amounts of insurance will be considerably greater than normal. The average Florida driver must carry ten thousands dollars in personal injury protection. The same amount is required for personal property damage. The liability for bodily injury is ten thousand dollars per person. It is also twenty thousand dollars per accident. These are the minimum requirements.

As a high risk Florida driver your minimum coverage limits will escalate. You will need $50,000 coverage for personal property damage. You must have $100,000 coverage for bodily injury. This is for one person. You need $300,000 coverage in case more than one person is injured.

Your auto insurance policy will increase in price a great deal. Your increased liability coverage is only part of the reason. You are a higher risk to insurance companies, due to your driving record.

It may be time to get your license back. What if you do not have a vehicle? You still have to buy SR22 insurance. You will buy a non owner auto insurance policy. It will include high liability coverage, the same as SR22 auto owners. If your conditions include an ignition interlock device, you are out of luck. You will have to buy a car to receive your driver’s license.

In conclusion,Florida SR22 insurance requirements can seem complicated, at times. You may have had your license suspended or revoked. If so, proof of insurance will get more difficult for you. You will need to pay higher rates and carry considerably more coverage. Your insurance company must file an SR22 form with the state of Florida. This tells the state that you have the proper insurance required by law. If you let it lapse for one day, you will be penalized. Your driver’s license and vehicle registration will be revoked. Your three year SR22 period will start over again.

When you are must prove that you carry insurance coverage for your vehicles, you may be required to obtain SR22 insurance. In Florida, an SR22 filing means that your insurer reports to the state if your policy lapses.

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