Tips To Handling An Auto Accident

October 22, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

At some point in your life you will probably get into an auto accident. Hopefully that will never happen but you need to be prepared in case it does. If you do get into accident you will most likely file a claim against and insurance company, whether it be yours or the other person in the accident. Filing a claim does not have to be scary. Here are some simple tips in the event you get into an accident and have to file an insurance claim.

If you do get into a fender bender it is best to call 911 just to be safe. You need to get the cops out there and/or an ambulance in case someone is hurt. The police officer will write an accident report for you to give to your insurance company. It is important to get the contact information of all people involved in the accident as well as any witnesses and the police handling the report.

The second step is to contact your insurance company. It is best to do this right away while the accident is fresh on your mind. If possible, have a field adjuster come to the accident as well so they can document information about the accident, who was involved, who was at fault and the extent of the damage.

Take some photos of the accident scene, property damage and any other necessary information if possible. Most cell phones take photos now so use to take your photos. If you have a camera those pictures are even better. It is better to have them and not need them then need them and not have them. These photos could come in handy if a dispute arises later.

Right after the accident make sure you write down the details of the event. You can also use the recording device that most cell phones have. Record all of the minor details of the accident including speed you were traveling, where the accident happened, weather, visibility, time of day and anything else that might be good to know. You may not need this information but it is good to have. It is best to be organized. If you get into an ugly lawsuit over the accident the more prepared you are the better.

Do not sign any sort of release that eliminates your rights. An insurance company or attorney may request you to sign such a document. If the accident is in dispute or there is an injury then you probably should hire an attorney. It is good to have experience, skill and wisdom on your side in case you get involved with an ugly lawsuit.

If you drive a lot there is chance at some point in your life that you will be in an auto accident. Although, these tips are fairly obvious following them will help you in filing an insurance claim or if a legal dispute arises between you and the other party.


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