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September 16, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Low cost insurance is offered by many different insurance companies. However, low cost does not always mean that your van courier service will be adequately or legally covered. Courier vans driving on public roads in the UK have to be covered by appropriate van courier insurance; this usually means it has to include Goods In Transit cover.

Cover while driving in the European Union. Restrictions do apply, 30 days cover is typically offered as inclusive depending on the terms and conditions of the policy. However there are some insurers who offer 90 days cover as inclusive in their comprehensive policies.

By restricting the transportation of dangerous goods to one vehicle means that the vehicle can be insured appropriately – While the remainder of the fleet can be insured at a lower premium. If this type of scenario applies to your business it is advisable to speak with the courier van insurance company to discuss the options available.

A further option of having each consignment is also available from many insurance companies. The cover can be short term to provide insurance cover for the duration which the consignment is onboard. Check with the insurers to see whether they offer this option.

Replacement for vehicles which are under six months old. Restrictions will apply to gross vehicle weight, exact details of this offer will be found on the terms and conditions of the policy.

Having tracking devices fitted is becoming a requirement of the terms and conditions of the insurance with many insurers as trackers can help reduce the risk of total loss claims. Check whether this is a requirement by making enquiries with the insurers or reading the terms and conditions of the policy and schedule.

In order to provide appropriate cover the insurance company will need to be informed of the type of goods you will be carrying. If you have been given an undisclosed parcel, packet or consignment it is your responsibility to inform the insurance company.

With ever increasing insurance costs insurance companies are offering some very competitive and low cost courier insurance in order to get your interest and generate new business. With the present economic situation in the UK it has probably never been a better time to find some very good courier insurance deals!

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