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June 20, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

The truck driver liability insurance plan is similar a regular liability plan, except for the fact that they cover only your truck. This sort of insurance plan is most suited for the businessmen who wish to guard their trucks that make delivery. If you are a business owner and have a truck then you must get this insurance or you may be punishable by the law.

Truck liability insurance protects the truck against damage caused by an accident. What would you do if your truck got into an accident and you lost your means of transporting materials? If you didn?t have the money to replace your truck you’d have to delay the rest of your shipments, pay for any of the materials that were damaged, and possibly face losing some of your customers. When you first start your business this could be enough to ruin all of your plans.

Find out what type of coverage is offered by your insurance plan. The plan may well cover your delivery truck, truck driver, and also other vehicles damaged in the accident. You may also wish to find out whether your truck has coverage only when you are the driver or also when you are not present at the time of accident. It is possible that a car hits your truck when you had parked it on the roadside. Your insurance plan should cover this too. A good aspect of the truck insurance is that, as it travels from one state to another, you and your truck is insured no matter which state of US you are in.

You must remember that if you are driving across the states then you must have with you a DOT number. This number is a must for all commercial vehicles, which go across the states and even countries. This category includes all types of vehicles such as passenger vehicles, private vehicles, and the exempt commercial vehicles.

Getting insurance for your cargo loads is also a god idea. A huge truck may contain cargo worth thousands of dollars, which maybe destroyed if your truck gets involved in an accident. However, the insurance plans generally cover only a certain kind of cargo loads, so you must carefully check with your insurer before getting anything loaded on your delivery truck.

Sometimes business owners only need a truck for a few days, or else just need to drive their company vehicle home from the dealer. If this is the case you can buy short term insurance. Most companies offer you coverage for up to four days, with you being charged per day. This will give you plenty of time to make a quick delivery if you need to.

You may have to more often change the truck drivers that are covered by your truck driver liability insurance. Each of your drivers must have a driving license and should be well-trained to drive the company truck. Besides, even before a driver is offered coverage by the insurance plan, your insurance company must approve them. It is recommended that you don?t keep any drivers who have a bad driving history as this may lead to your insurance getting denied, or premiums getting higher.


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