Trusting The Relationship Between Insurance Companies And Their Customers

April 5, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Insurance companies lately try very hard to use marketing campaigns in ways that make customers feel safe and relaxed. This is because insurance is a complicated and intimidated business, and even with it being easier than ever before for customers to get quotes and company comparisons, people still find ways to be afraid. In some ways this fear is only natural. After all, when you get a quote online, you’re giving the company a lot of personal information. When spammers and other exploiters of personal info are so common, it’s hard not to be suspicious about anything or anyone that asks for details about you as a person. However, insurance companies have their reasons for doing this. If you understand where they’re coming from, maybe you’ll feel better about working with them.

Insurance companies determine their quotes by figuring out the risk level of any individual customer. To do this, they take into account a wide variety of things. Your age, driving history, credit score, gender, and location of residence all come into play here. And that’s barely scratching the surface! The riskier you are, the higher your quite will turn out to be, because insurance companies make their profit by catering to customers that are low in risk. Instead of blaming them for wanting to make a profit, like any company, or blaming them for taking all relevant factors into account, you should be happy that they’re being so thorough, and let yourself be transparent. By answering their questions with thorough honesty, you make sure you get the most accurate possible quote.

Providing auto insurance quotes online is a cost saving method of providing quotes. It gathers a lot more attention from customers than traditional in-person visits or telephone calls. It is in their own best interests to respect the trust the customers place in them by entering their data into the company’s website. In today’s business world, if the companies do not have an online quote system, then they do not have an effective means of attracting new customers.

Each state has laws protecting residents from unscrupulous business activities. However, common business sense usually rules in deciding how personal information is handled. Expect insurance companies to want to communicate with potential customers about promotions, new products, and enhancements. Sharing information with affiliates should be spelled-out in the insurance company’s privacy policy. A person should be given an opt-out and instructions about how to opt-out of receiving marketing-related communications. Beyond the enterprise, it makes little sense for a company to sell personal information to third parties. The insurance company would not want to sell it to a competitor, and the insurance company would not want to be responsible for what happens after selling information to an outsider.

Even rotating through customers isn’t enough to sustain an insurance company. Not in today’s market! Bad reputations spread quickly online, for one thing. For another, the government is likely to crack down on any company that abuses its position in the industry to the detriment of the general public.

Auto insurance companies only benefit from keeping personal data private. Auto insurance companies sell auto insurance. They are not in any other kind of business. If an auto insurance company has been in business for a while then they are well aware of where their own best interests lie.

Many people like to make their auto insurance decision knowing what the cost would be. A company’s potential customers and existing customers can conveniently get quotes for different coverage options and levels of coverage merely by supplying the relevant information. When people are served better, and the insurance company has greater potential for new business, the results are a real win-win. In the end, there are no motivating factors that would make a legitimate insurance company want to risk alienating customers by not protecting their personal information.

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