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January 7, 2018 · Posted in General, Singapore 

Gap Cover Benefit2 to protect you from any financial shortfall
Should a total loss takes place due to an accident or theft of your car, or, in the event the unforeseen happens and accidental death or total permanent disability arises, Gap Cover Benefit will help to cushion off any financial shortfall of up to S$100,000 due to a difference between your outstanding car loan and the market value of your car.

Unlimited protection for your windscreen and windows
Ultimate Car Protector takes care of the replacement of your car’s windscreen or windows, in the event of damage. This includes your car’s standard-fitted sunroof. You do not have to bear any cost and your No Claim Bonus remains intact.

Enjoy Overseas Vehicle Excess cover
The policy reimburses you of up to $500 for the excess in the event of collision or theft of the car you have rented during your trip overseas.

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred workshop
In the event of an accident, you are free to select your preferred workshop or send your car to the manufacturer’s agent for repairs. The choice is yours.

Transport Allowance Benefit
In the event that you need to leave your car at the workshop for repair as a result of an accident, you will receive $50 per day, up to 5 days. This certainly helps you to better manage the inconvenience without disrupting your plans and routine.

Protection for your personal belongings
You will enjoy protection of up to $500 on your personal belongings in the event of loss arising from vehicle break-in. What’s more, you can claim from the very first dollar, without affecting your No Claim Bonus!

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