Understanding Traffic Law And Speeding Tickets

December 19, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Getting a speeding ticket is one of the many ways you can violate traffic law. You can also get a parking ticket, which involves most non-moving crimes. Speeding tickets are far more popular in the world of crimes, but the punishment can change based on where you are in the world.

Firstly, depending on the country or state you are in you could receive points against your license, fines, double fines, or more serious charges. This all depends on the crime, your history, the officer, and the area. There are no fast rules about speeding tickets world wide–remember that if you are planning on going on vacation and driving.

Speeding is often combined with other crimes. The minor crimes include: just not going the speed limit, failing seat belt safety, or not stopping at lights or signs. There are other minor crimes but speeding is the biggest one because it is the easiest one to catch. It is very easy to tell who is speeding and who is not. Police officers are trained to tell how fast a car is moving just by looking at it–and most can tell within five miles an hour.

The more major crimes include things like being completely out of control (if your car is all over the road), speeding way above the speed limit (up to the officer’s discretion), evading arrest, or driving under the influence. These things all commonly go hand-in-hand with simple speeding tickets. For this, the punishments are far higher and the motorist usually ends up with some sort of conviction in addition to fines.

It also depends on your history. If you have been charged with the same crime or several related crimes, you will not be looked upon very favorably. Sometimes first-time offenders are let off the hook. And you will really be in trouble if you have not paid previous tickets. If you get a fine–just pay it. Those tickets can haunt you and follow you around for years if you do not.

Ten points on your license is what Americans are allowed. Once you get ten points, your license is suspended for a period of time as punishment–usually six months. Speeding tickets get you a point or two against your license but other crimes can get you the automatic ten. You can only get your license revoked twice before it is taken permanently. You will never be able to legally drive again.

If speeders were punished harder, there would be fewer deaths or tickets issued. And, sadly, just about everyone will get a ticket before they are done driving. Take your time and do not take risks.


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