Vehicle Insurance Premium Too High? Try The Following And Save Much

November 8, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Would you like more affordable rates? Then you must take the time to learn the steps that you’d have to take to ensure your goal. Here are proven ideas that will help you reduce your rate by as much as 50% if you apply them right…

1. Staying without making claims will qualify you for a good discount. A number of insurance providers may not give this discount without some coercion.

If your insurance carrier is one of the few who don’t offer this discount tell them point-blank that you’ll move over to another provider. With this quality of driving record locating a much lower rate is certainly quite easy since policy holders who stay claims free are every insurance company’s dream.

And, as a matter of fact, your insurance carrier is likely to have a rethink if they discover you’re quite serious about switching.

2. If you’re a senior citizen you can bring down your rate if you completed courses recommended for older drivers. Going through this type of course will make you eligible for discounts as high as 10 percent. Discuss with your insurance agent about your insurance carrier’s position on this and the best way to go about it.

3. You can get a considerable discount if a child on your policy does not drive the vehicle for a protracted time frame because he/she is away at school. If your kid is in college then you should discuss with your auto insurance agent about the possibility of getting this discount. While you’re advised to make a move, you must bear in mind that this is not one of several typical discounts that all insurance providers give.

4. All professions are not equal — At least as far as auto insurance is concerned. An attorney gets more expensive rates than an engineer. Members of certain professions use their vehicles a lot more and, as a group, have traits that make them worse risks.

Your agent should be able to tell you if your occupation makes you eligible for a discount. Take note of the fact that, like most things in insurance, the discount you’ll be given will be based on your insurer’s weighting of line of duty as a parameter in calculating a profile’s risk.

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