Vehicle Insurance — Will Getting Married Qualify You For Better Rates?

April 14, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Will your auto insurance rates drop if you get married? The answer is YES and NO! We’ll go through this in details showing you when it will help you save and when it won’t…

Getting married will help you get lower rates if the following conditions are met…

1. You’re a driver below the age of 25. It’s NOT a hidden fact that rates for under-25 male drivers are among the highest. Why is this so? Insurers claim that statistics show that this profile is a very high risk. The truth is that teen male drivers get even worse deals: The younger the higher the risk as far as auto insurers are concerned.

Nevertheless, insurers have also discovered that under 25 male drivers who are married do NOT fit the risk pattern of their unmarried counterparts. So they conclude that marriage must have a sobering or civilizing effect on these young drivers. Most people seem to agree that marriage has a sobering effect on young folks. And anything that makes a person more responsible is bound to affect his/her driving for good.

2. If your spouse belongs to a low risk profile. You can make him/her the primary driver while you become the secondary driver.

3. If you have more than one vehicle and so buy your policies from the same insurer. This is what is referred to as a multi-vehicle discount. But care has to be taken because sometimes you can be better off having your different cars insured with separate insurers.

On the other hand, your rates will NOT be affected positively when you get married if the following are true… …

1. A couple that both have a major case like a DUI can’t get any advantage from being married as far as cheaper rates are concerned. You’ll have to take very active steps to remedy this. But it’s necessary to point out that there is NO quick fix for such a situation.

2. Couples who allow their policy to lapse have given up any advantage they might have got from their marital status. Allowing your policy to lapse is one of the surest ways to condemn yourself to very high rates for a long time So whatever you do, make sure you never let your policy lapse.

3. You can’t take advantage of something you don’t understand so lack of adequate information can make you miss out on this. It’s your responsibility to discover all the ways you can enjoy savings. If you have a good agent, you can get quite a good number of tips from him/her.

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