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September 2, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
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Need info on vintage car insurance for your prized possession on wheels? Then this article is just the thing for you.

According to general perception, vintage cars are seen as automobiles which are expensive and a symbol of high status. But contrary to popular belief, there are quite a number of old cars which are not glamorous or have a high cost of maintenance.

To the common car owner there is essentially little difference between a shiny Mark Jaguar and a proud Austin A40. But in reality, such automobiles, which have a high historical as well as exotic value, can technically be divided into three broad divisions. These are:-

– Veteran cars – These are those cars which came into production before the year 1903.

– Vintage cars – These are those cars which came into production between the years 1903 and 1933.

– Classic cars – Technically, classic cars are defined as those cars which came into production before the year 1973 or at least 15 years ago.

What is surprising, however, is the fact that most insurance companies do not offer any special kind of Vintage Car Insurance. Though the definition of classic cars can vary widely and there are also variations within different insurers, most major insurance companies will usually provide you with a normal, simple insurance – not any different from the insurance of a modern car. However, if you want to get your precious vintage or classic car insured, here are certain handy tips you could follow:-

– It is a general perception that Vintage car insurance or even insurances for classic cars are a lot easier on your pockets than the normal, modern-day car insurance. Even the recent press reports in the motoring circuits say so. But what is not so easily known is the fact that Vintage Car Insurance generally calculates limited mileage and also takes into account whether your vehicle has been garaged in less than perfect surroundings.

– The owner of a classic car generally has a fair idea of what his car is worth. You might not always agree with what your insurer claims to be the value of your car. But make sure that both of you agree on a certain price well in advance because you can’t change it after your claim.

– Getting in touch with a specialist insurer is also another great idea. If you want a good and competitive deal for your Vintage Car Insurance, then that might be your best chance. These specialist insurers tailor-make insurance schemes to suit your own benefit, and generally their rates are also higher than the normal market ones.

Agreed Evaluation – An agreed evaluation is that value which the insurer guarantees you if your car gets stolen or damaged beyond repair. If you want to get your Classic or Vintage car insured, be certain that you have the valuation which is guaranteed. This step is extremely important in your insurance procedure because there have been instances where insurers have refused to pay the entire sum even though the owner believes otherwise.

Thus to conclude, although vintage car insurance may cost you a pretty penny, for those who truly love and treasure their vintage beauties, it’ll definitely be worth the cost.

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