Want To Reduce Your Vehicle Insurance Premium? Apply These Five Recommendations

September 24, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Driving without insurance is an offence in most parts of the country. But even though we can’t argue about it’s usefulness, the extra burden it is makes us wish to go without. Since doing without is NOT an option, we have to go for the next best thing: Get good coverage at the very lowest rates possible. Here are 5 tested ways that will help you cut down your rate by a huge margin…

1. Don’t add a personal injury coverage to your auto policy if your health insurance policy already takes care of that — That’s duplicating coverage. If you can, eliminate it totally if the law allows provided you’ve confirmed that your health insurance policy will take care of you if you are involved in an accident. There’s definitely no gain in paying extra in premiums for coverage you’re never ever going to benefit from.

2. Given similar circumstances, an insurer will give a female driver a cheaper rate than her male counterpart. Therefore, if you’re married, buy your auto insurance policy in the wife’s name and let the man be listed as a secondary driver. For marriages that don’t have issues with ego and stuff like that, this is a good way to save on your rates.

3. If you want to enjoy discounts, then an approved defensive driving course will guarantee that from most insurers. The reason for this discount is the simple fact that drivers who complete such courses have a better response behind wheels. The more your profile is labelled a high risk, the more you’ll lower your rates by taking such a training. Once you get your certification, your premium must be lowered and if you check savings this will bring in, it might run into several hundreds, at least. Therefore, do your best to get trained in defensive driving from a recognized center. And, don’t forget to tell your agent once you complete the course.

4. Never leave your car unlocked and running while you dash in to get something. This is an open invitation to any thief sniffing around. Remember, they look for easy targets. And what could be easier than a car that’s ready to be driven away — It takes just seconds.

5. It’s easy to save a few hundred dollars on a home but lose thousands over the years on auto insurance because of its location. Homes in the same neighborhood may fall under different risk zones as far as your insurer is concerned.

So, as part of your home shopping activities, check how this neighborhood will affect your auto insurance rate. The truth is that most people don’t think about this when they are about buying a home.

But think about it: If your new zip code adds up to $275 to your annual auto insurance rate, how much would that amount to at the end of your 30-year mortgage?

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