What Is A Named Driver On A Policy

November 19, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Everyday people are signing on car insurance policies. There is typically a substantial amount of paperwork involved and many items to read. One of the most important aspects about an automobile policy is the named driver. Essentially, a named driver is the main driver, along with any other drivers that are specifically named on the auto insurance policy. Many people run into this situation when they have more than one person in their household that can drive.

Having more than one named driver on a policy has its good points as well as has some drawbacks. It is obvious that the good points would include complete coverage, flexibility in drivers, etc. This is especially nice for those parents who have multiple driving age children. This allows them to use the same car while all being covered.

The biggest drawback that multiple named drivers on a policy have is the extra cost. After the first driver, the premium goes up. This is due to the fact that the more drivers you have; the more chance there will be to have an accident. This is especially true for many new drivers on one policy. The fact that they are new drivers alone increases the risk for the insurance company. Throw in age factor and you could have a heavy car insurance premium.

Being that named drivers is a constant occurrence, you can eliminate costs by choosing a company that allows you to add temporary named drivers. Sometimes this is helpful for family vacations or someone needing to use your car for a set amount of time. This covers appropriately as well as not being a consistent cost. It would be a onetime fee.

It is always good to keep in mind that you are going to be responsible for the damages to your car or anyone else car if a person were to get into an accident in your car without being listed as a named driver on your policy. Moreover, you will also be responsible for any bodily harm that might be incurred because of the accident. These are all things to keep in mind; this is why insurance was created.

Taking steps to legally minimize costs associated with adding drivers on instead of letting them illegally drive your car is seem through joint policies. In other words, if a newer or younger driver is looking to get car insurance, they can opt to go onto their parent?s insurance policy. This is a common way parents lower premiums. It is also becoming largely recognized by insurance companies as well.

Alternatively, you could have the parents be listed as named drivers on the newer driver?s policy. Although it is not as commonly used, it is still legal and being practiced.

As you can see, a named driver is essential to the whole automobile insurance process and can sometimes add up depending on the situation at hand. Always check your options and shop around.


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