What Is Needed To Satisfy Texas SR22 Insurance Requirements

November 13, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

What are the Texas SR22 insurance requirements? If this has been issued as a requirement for you it means the state of Texas wants to keep track of whether or not you are maintaining proper coverage on your vehicle. It is usually ordered by the court and from the date of the order you are required to have SR22 insurance for a minimum of two years.

The SR22 is usually ordered after a traffic law has been broken. It may be requested of those who have a DUI, too many tickets, too many traffic violations, serious moving violations or have been in an accident and did not have insurance at the time of the accident. A license that has been suspended or revoked can be cause for a SR22 to be required.

SR22 is a form filed by your auto insurance company. It goes to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The state of Texas is kept informed by your insurance company as to what the state of your policy. It must be kept current at all times. If a drivers insurance policy is canceled, terminated or lapsed the Texas DPS is informed.

If you are currently insured you will need to check with that agency to see if the SR22 can be supported. They must be informed. A new insurance company may be necessary or your current rates may increase. If a new company is needed then shopping around for rates will be the next step, then choosing the company. If you do not own a vehicle you will still need to get insurance. Ask the agency for a non owner SR22 insurance policy.

The form is issued by the insurance company and filed with DPS. The order for the SR22 once given must have proof of SR22 insurance. Your current proof of insurance will not work. The documentation portion is the important part and you will not be able to drive without the exact kind of insurance requested.

In Texas you will need to keep the policy for at least two years. In some cases a longer period can be ordered. It will depend on the offense. If there is a lapse, cancellation or termination the state is informed and you will need to start over. This will mean another two years. It you move to another state you will still need to keep reporting to Texas until you two year period is over. If you are moving to Texas from another state where an SR22 is not required you will not need to get one.

If the policy is terminated, lapses or is canceled then the registration, tags and license may be suspended until the situation is corrected. If you should be stopped, whether or not you have proper insurance will be part of your driving record. Officers will be able to check it without you showing them your insurance card.

To be sure you are following the Texas SR22 insurance requirements first inform the current insurance company, if there is one. If getting a new policy let them know what you need. Keep it current to prevent suspension and keep DPS informed of your current mailing address.

An SR22 filing against you means that there is reason to demand that you maintain insurance for the vehicles you operate. With SR22 insurance, the insurer notifies the state if your policy lapses.

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