What Is The Problem With Teenage Drivers?

September 16, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Teenage driving cause huge problems for for parents worldwide as there are many incidents of teen mishaps and fatalities on the road of teenage driving. The necessary thing here to do is to try and understand the reasons for these accidents and bring in the necessary changes to prevent such mishaps in the future. The areas to focus on would be the reduction in risk exposure, modification of risk taking ability, and providing sufficient education to the teenager to improve their driving skills.

Simply increasing the driving age from 16 to 18 years may not be the right solution to reduce teen crashes. It will only impact several sectors of the automobile industry like manufacturers, insurance agents, driving instructors and gas companies. Both auto manufacturers and insurance agents will see a sharp drop in their revenues due to these measures.

The lack of maturity and skills in the teenager along with the risk taking behavior has been the main reason for such accidents. The teens also show lack of discipline while following safety rules. Thus it becomes necessary to train teenagers about all the road and safety rules and make them used to adhering to these rules. The keys to the car should only be given by the parent when the child avoids risk taking behavior and obtains the required driving skills.

Drunken driving, not wearing seat belts, distractions on the road, and late night driving have been the reasons for teen mishaps on the road. Most of the teen fatalities tend to occur between 6 PM to 6AM mainly on Fridays and weekends.

The teens also don’t follow the rules such as driving with parent or qualified trainer for first three months after obtaining their driving license, avoiding driving at midnight except for some situations, wearing seat belts, and avoiding usage of cell phones. The failure to follow the safety rules has been another reason for teen fatalities.

It is important for the parent to join their child’s driving classes. They should also monitor their child’s progress and help them gain the necessary knowledge as being taught in the class. The parents should make their child aware of defensive driving techniques. Another crucial thing for the parent is to share knowledge with their child regarding all their driving experiences. This will help the teenager be prepared to handle any extreme situation.

The teenagers risk taking behavior also needs to be modified. Due to hormonal influence and certain growth related patterns the teenagers tend to take certain unwanted risks. It is necessary for the parent to analyze this risk and make the teen aware of the consequence of this action. Once the teenager is aware of the problems that might occur they will show tendencies to avoid risk taking behavior.

The teenagers should be made to join authorized and certified driver education programs that will ensure that they gain the necessary driving skills. The quality of the program content and approach of the instructor also plays a vital role in the knowledge grasping ability of the teen. The parent should monitor the progress of their child and make them aware of the fact that the driver program is just a start to the knowledge gaining activity towards becoming an expert driver.

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