What is Women Only Car Insurance

June 12, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

As a woman you may find that due to the generally lower risk that you present to insurers, you maybe able to take advantage of lower premiums. A traditional policy is sold to males and females while women only car insurance would allow be available to women only and provide for lower premium and at the same time additional cover.

Car insurance companies have created a new policies which are aimed at women. This is after recognising the potential goodwill that can be created and also in response to increasing sophistication of premium rating methods from competition in the industry. Insurers have used statistics that suggest that women are less likely to have an accident in order to support the lower premiums. Women only car insurance can be obtained by women only and has the advantage that the level of cover is better and premiums are generally more than 5% cheaper than equivalent policy for the opposite sex.

To get the best possible value for women only car insurance you should conduct appropriate research beforehand. The first and obvious is to compare insurance premiums from multiple insurers. This will allow you to find the most competitive quote. This is not always straight forward as most insurers have products with different features that are difficult to compare. This is where you have to impart some judgment. Another tip is as simple as asking the insurer if there is any special offers or incentives they are currently running. If you dont ask you dont get!

As well as discounted premiums, women only car insurance also offers plenty of flexiblity and other benefits. The payment of premium is flexible, as the insurer will allow the policyholder to make monthly payments. Road side assistance at no extra cost may be included with the policy. Additional risk covers like fire, theft, loss recovery that may not be insured along with widescreen cover can also be included under the policy. To attract extra customers, some insurers may even provide the first year premium at 10% discount. They also provide emergency services, breakdown services, car loan in case of accident, cell phone locator, post accident counseling etc. The list of potential benefits are endless, for example benefits like car seat replacement, customer support as well as theft and loss compensation are offered by some car insurance companies. It should also be mentioned that further discounts may be available if you buy women only car insurance policy online!

You also enjoy the best deal as there are several car insurance companies offering competitive prices. But you must know the car insurance company’s background before buying women only car insurance from that specific company. However, if you enjoy cheap premium benefits, but it may not always be advantageous. Check for quality and services presented by these companies.


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