What kind of fine do you get for driving without car insurance in California?

December 29, 2016 · Posted in FAQ 
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roxypinkness asked:

My older brother recently bought a brand new car, and just two days ago the insurance he purchased from the dealership’s insurance company expired. He has liability insurance underneath a separate insurance company, but that has not expired. We were stopped for something minor the other day, and the police officer noticed my brother’s insurance was expired. What kind of fine will he face?

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  1. hechicera_de_la_alma on March 26th, 2009 4:52 am

    Try this link it has all the information you need :)

  2. Rexy on March 28th, 2009 12:02 am

    I don’t know the fine amount, but he will more than likely face what they call an “SR-22″ filing, where he will be required to show proof of insurance to the state for at least a year or two. Along with this lovely SR-22, he will be facing a license suspension, and that fine is hefty on its own. Although there is underlying insurance, that is probably from the lender’s end, and is technically only protecting the lender if his car is damaged, and is not affording any liability coverage-and this is what the state requires. His best bet is to get insurance ASAP to make sure he is adequately covered, and try to plead not guilty to the ticket, and head to court to fight it. He made a big mistake that he will not only pay for in fines, but also deal with a license suspension, and high insurance for the next 5 years at least.

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