What The Colour Of Your Car Says About You

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2 March 2010

Look out the window at the cars on the road; do you spot any bright pink ones, or are they mostly conservative colours and shades? As a nation, we are pretty unadventurous about the colour of our cars : blue, black, grey, and silver; however this doesn’t mean that all cars are always this colour. What does the colour of your car say about you? Remember to find the best car insurance for your car – whether silver or purple!

Silver If you drive a silver car, you are among the majority. Silver cars were most popular in the first part of 2009, taking almost 25 per cent of sales. Commonly, executive cars are produced in silver shades, as well as other expensive looking cars. Silver is a safe shade – it doesn’t show the dirt of white, and it doesn’t stand out – but it also looks smart too.

Blue According to statistics, blue used to be the most popular choice when it came to the colour of cars. It’s currently the second most popular colour, which means people still enjoy a tasteful burst of colour on their cars. Of course, blue can range from dark to light, and is also often seen in a metallic paint. Blue shows a bit of personality, but without going overboard about it.

Black Like silver, black is seen on executive cars, as well as limousines. It gives a sleek appearance, and being the third most popular colour, means it will be easy enough to sell on as well. Commonly seen on Range Rovers, black seems to be gaining popularity in the more expensive price bracket.

Red Red is the fifth most popular colour of choice for cars, and can certainly suit some over others. Ferraris for example, are often known for their bright red appearances, but could you imagine many celebrities trying to blend in, in a red Bentley? The reason red suits some cars is because the designer may have had a colour in mind when designing the car.

Bright Colours Apparently colour isn’t one of the most crucial decisions when purchasing a car. Research shows that one per cent of men, and three per cent of women, believe colour is important when choosing a new model of car. This may be a bit different if they get offered a purple BMW or lime green Audi A5 – sadly, these do exist. However, bright colours do suit sports cars and those with extrovert personalities; just be aware that driving a bright pink Corsa through your town may raise some eyebrows.

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