What You Should Know About Motorbike Insurance

June 29, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

No other vehicle inspires the teen brigade as much as a pair of hot wheels on motorbikes. According statistics motorbikes are also major contributors to road accidents so availing a suitable insurance cover is a prudent decision.

While many countries demand insurance on bikes, no law dictates the coverage options you must go for. There are generally three types of coverage offered. The least expensive one is the third party coverage which only covers damage compensation to a third party and not to the insured bike or its owner. The second type of insurance grant protection against loss of a bike as well as third party liabilities while the most expensive motorbike insurance known as comprehensive bike insurance cover all possible liabilities arising in theft or accident cases including damage suffered by the insured bike as well.

Though EU countries accept the validity of insurance in other EU countries, different states of US have different laws pertaining to motorbike insurance. US insurance policies are also known to include protection for relevant motorbike gear as well.

One of the basic and foremost factors of concern must be the coverage provided by the company. Find out what the company’s policies are for add-on parts and upgraded equipments. Today many bike owners install new and freaky gadgets on their bikes to match their peer group. Most insurance covers may not include modified accessories so make sure these are specified in your insurance.

With rising competition, many providers also provide emergency aid services in case of crisis situations. This service may either be free or may invite a nominal charge.

Before drafting an insurance policy, companies will need to verify various details regarding the bike and its owner. The details include type and amount of coverage, credit history, driving license and vehicle details as to the make and model of the bike. Unlike other vehicle insurance, motorbike insurance adopts a strict code for granting insurance. The major and defining factor is that the chances of a claim are very high in the case of motorbike insurance.

Your driving history will also factory in the insurance amount and the premium charged of you, as a reckless and unsafe driving history will make you more prone to future accidents thereby increasing the liability of the insurance companies. If you wish to ensure low premium ensure that you do not have many driving citations stacked against you and having an encouraging credit rating is also another way to ensure a better deal from insurance agents.


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