Why Bother With One Day Car Insurance?

December 13, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Why exactly would anyone bother getting one day car insurance? It is obvious to say that the most common types of policies that someone might get will be those that cover them on the long term, so what exactly are the reasons why people may want to get insurance that is only going to cover them for a day?

In most cases people who get these types of insurance policies are those who are simply using their car to travel for one-day, such as for a business meeting or for another specific purpose.

Of course, if you find that someone is in need of your vehicle because they have damaged there’s or for some other reason, you may also want to let them borrow it and get a one-day insurance policy on it. Essentially, these policies are required by people who need immediate insurance for a very short term basis.

The main benefit of getting a policy such as this is simply that there is absolutely no commitment involved with them whatsoever. All you need to do is pay for the specific time period that you allocate and then you can add onto it if required. Due to this, there is absolutely no irritation involved in the fact that you may be paying for a long time car insurance policy without even using your vehicle every day.

Of course, the price of these types of policies will certainly vary, but it is very easy to get extremely cheap insurance if you look in the right places. Overall the price that you pay per day will certainly be more than what you would be paying per day for a long-term policy, but this is only natural.

When looking for cheap policies, therefore, you should look around for a number of different quotes in order to find some cheaper rates.


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