Why Is SR22 Insurance Important For Your Vehicle?

October 30, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Why SR22 Insurance is necessary? The most obvious reason is to provide financial responsibility to drivers in general. It protects the public from bad motorists who have been convicted of major traffic offenses.

SR22 is really not insurance. It is a certificate of insurance that the insurance company directly files with the state. The form must be verified and filed to show that such person is covered and that insurance is active. State. The major reason for SR22 being a must for bad drivers is so that we are all protected from loss due to accidents proximately caused by bad drivers.

Unless the motorist buys such insurance, such driver will not be legal with the state and will not be able to drive. Each state has a different SR22 insurance certificate requirements.

Drivers covered by the SR22 Insurance can receive protection through any of the three ways. One is through the operator certificate, the second is through the owner certificate and the third is through the operator-owner certificate.

The owner certificate provides coverage to all vehicles that are owned by the driver. These vehicles need to be listed under SR22. The operator-owner certificate covers every kind of a vehicle that such driver drives, whether it is owned or not owned by the driver.

An SR22 Insurance policy also covers drivers in other situations. They include an at fault accident, a DUI, DWI, license suspension or other major traffic violation.

In case you have a license suspension problem you can tide over insurance with SR-22 form. You will be required to file the original SR-22 form with the state and the license revocation will be lifted in time.

SR22 insurance requirements are different in each state of the United States. Some states are more lenient than other states. However, almost all states have enforced financial responsibility on its citizens excepting Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.

SR22 insurance typically is mandated when a vehicle owner or driver has previously been convicted of driving without insurance coverage. When an SR22 policy is purchased, the insurer will notify the state if the policy should lapse again.

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