Why SR22 Auto Insurance Is A Must-Have For High-Risk Drivers

July 23, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Some drivers have the misfortune of landing on the wrong side of the law and having their driving license suspended. In order to be able to legally have their license reinstated after a period of time, some states require that the driver first has to obtain a SR22 auto insurance policy. This is a precaution to protect other road users from high-risk drivers who have poor driving records.

What Is SR22 Auto Insurance Policy?

An SR22 is not an insurance policy on its own. It is merely a certificate issued by an insurance company that states while the person is a high risk they are still insurable. This certificate is then linked to an insurance policy which is designed specifically for high-risk drivers. Insurance companies will generally only issue the SR22 certificates to their policy holders which is why it is often simply referred to as a SR22 auto insurance policy. If you have a poor driving record where your license has been suspended and you try to obtain auto insurance without a SR22 certificate, you will find the insurance premiums will be exorbitant. In addition, many insurance companies may simply refuse to insure you because of your bad track record.

Reasons Why You May Be Classified as a High-Risk Driver

The most common reason that drivers are cited as being high risk is as a result of being arrested for driving recklessly or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Reckless driving may include speeding or driving overly aggressively in traffic in a way that is a danger to other road users. Other reasons that drivers may be arrested could be for driving while having a suspended license. These cases are usually looked upon with some seriousness as the drivers often already have bad driving records. Drunk driving in particular is a serious offense that can lead to not only to having your license suspended but also imprisonment. For some offenses that are less serious, offenders may be able to have their driving licenses reinstated after a period of time. This is usually based on the condition that they can get SR22 auto insurance.

Finding the Best SR22 Auto Insurance Policy

Remember when shopping around for an SR22 policy, you need to prepare yourself to pay premium rates. Insurance companies will always charge high-risk people higher insurance premiums because the likelihood of a claim is very high. You cannot compare rates with standard insurance policies so be aware of this when asking for quotes. Know that the insurance company is likely to do background checks on you to verify the facts of your case so it is wise to be upfront and honest about your situation. Contact several companies or use a broker to get comparative quotes. The SR22 certificate is usually for a limited time period until such time as you prove you are a lower risk driver. When getting quotes, find out what happens to the policy when the SR22 certificate runs its course. Most companies will then lower your premiums accordingly. Depending on your risk profile, some insurance companies will require that you pay six to 12 months of premiums in advance. This can be difficult for the average salaried person, especially when the insurance premiums that you are going to be paying will be more expensive than most. Once you have a number of quotes, compare the premiums and the value of the policies. Check the fine print and make sure you are familiar with all the terms and conditions before you sign on the bottom line.

The Benefits of a SR22 Auto Insurance Policy

The main benefit is being able to legally drive again and regain a level of independence. If you have been used to having the independence of your own car then you will probably find it very frustrating to have to make use of public transport or rely on the generosity of friends in order to get around. The SR22 auto insurance policy gives you an opportunity to clear your record. By being able to get on the road once again, you can prove to everyone that you are in fact a responsible driver. Perhaps it was a one-time incident that landed you in trouble. This then offers you an opportunity to redeem yourself and your driving reputation so you can once again become a regular road user.

Most states require an SR22 for major convictions such as a DUI or DWI, driving while license suspended or revoked and at fault accidents without insurance to name a few. Visit Southeast Insurance Agency for your next sr22 car insurance quote today.

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