Why You Need International Car Insurance And Where To Get It

January 7, 2018 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Traveling can be a real passion for many of us, I don’t just mean the odd cheap package tour, I’m talking about truly experiencing everything a place has to offer and this means actually living in the designated country for an extended period of time.

Unless these people have someone who will drive them wherever they want to go, they will need to rent or buy a vehicle and have international auto insurance.

The big question is, does your insurance company cover you abroad right now? The answer for most of you will be no. However some insurance companies do, so you should check with your company before you come to any assumptions.

One company that offers international auto insurance is Geico. Geico started out as an insurance company that insured government employees including the people in the military. Since 1954 Geico has also insured people from America in over two hundred countries around the world.

Basically what they do is locate a local insurance company in the country where the person in question will be staying. Obviously you could do this yourself however you wouldn’t have the contacts they have and so you could end up getting ripped off, not to mention it could be a whole load of hassle especially if you don’t speak the language.

Geico has been selling insurance to all Americans for some time now and has managed to make a fairly good name for itself in the industry plus they are generally very good on price.

More International Auto Insurance Companies

Here’s another big one for you, AIG. They also have a subsidiary company especially for international auto insurance that they call American International underwriters. Their focus is in locating the best insurance for their client’s situation that is available in the country their client will be visiting.

They do this in order to get the most protection available in any other country. For those people who now live full time in the country they have visited, AIG now has a service for them too. People can call AIG to find out more information.

These are the two companies that many people rely on when abroad. There are other smaller companies that provide services also. Most people however will use one of the two big companies; Geico and AIG.

When dealing with the two Giants GEICO and AIG you will undoubtedly find that for the most part they will be very similar price and service wise, still it won’t hurt to get quotes from both companies and compare each detail.

Naturally when it comes to international auto insurance your number one goal must be to be 100% sure that you will be covered in the country you will be staying in. This is why it pays to work with a company that has a long and positive history in the international auto insurance sector.


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