Will You Have To Undergo A Car Inspection When Getting Car Insurance?

May 11, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

When you pick up the phone and start shopping around for a car insurance quote, how do you know if you’re not going to be required to have your car fully inspected? Frankly, it is rare that an insurance company asks for an inspection. However, if you are requesting full coverage for an old car and you tell them the car is in prime condition, the insurance company may take pause, and in order to verify your veracity will require a car inspection.

While you may think your car is in excellent condition, it may be only in average condition. And if you are planning on buying a policy that insures the car for far more than it is worth, you are only hurting yourself financially by throwing money away on expensive yearly policy premiums.

Many times an insurance company will require an inspection to verify the condition of a vehicle. Many older or classic cars can have a wide range of replacement values depending upon their condition. Rust, issues with paint quality, and upholstery issues can all effect the value of a car and, thus, effect the amount an company is willing to insure. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a lot of experience with car owners who claim their older or classic car is in ?mint? condition when it really is more than a little banged-up.

Insurance companies usually protect their assets from undue claiming and fraudulent claims. This may include an inspection seldom, to analyze the exact condition of your vehicle. The process, indirectly favours both the parties, as paying an enormous amount of premiums for a vehicle that is in fair condition seems absurd when you can actually pay less by stating the true condition of the vehicle. Also, the Insurance Company has the right to withdraw or modify their coverage accordingly, if they find the actual condition of the quoted vehicle is poorer than what is claimed.

Sometimes there is damage to a vehicle that is not noticed by the current owner and has never been reported. Sometimes previous owners do not report minor accidents. They make quick patches and sell the car to unsuspecting buyers. Unfortunately, there are other types of fraud which insurance companies must look for. Filing false claims based on questionable values costs insurance companies millions of dollars each year.

This might affect you from renewing your Insurance coverage and might also lead to refusals of quote from Insurance companies in the future. Honesty is the Best policy and Honesty is best for getting policies too!

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