Your Tips to Cheap Car Insurance for Teens

August 5, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
Most teens looking into car insurance may be finding that the rates for car insurance for teens can be quite high. However, despite the rates being generally higher, it is still possible to find cheap car insurance for teens- you just have to know where to look.

Car insurance for teens is designed to protect teenage drivers specifically. It differs from other insurance policies only in the fact that it usually has a higher interest rate. So just why is this?

Teenage drivers are inexperienced. They may have passed their test, but they are still new to driving. To an insurer this means that the likelihood of them having an accident is quite high. Now you could argue that anybody no matter what their age who just passes their driving test is a liability. However statistically that is not the case and that is what insurers look at.

Teenage drivers are twice as likely to have an accident within their first year of driving, than a driver over the age of 25. There are a number of reasons for this. The main one is that teenagers do tend to drive faster and are a little more recklessly. Passing your test gives you freedom and it can be exciting driving along as fast as possible whilst listening to the car stereo. Not all teenage drivers will do this, but statistically that is what insurers find. So because teenagers are statistically more likely to have an accident, teen car insurance is often fairly expensive.

What You Can Do To Get Cheap Car Insurance for Teens?

Apart from higher rates, you still have the same options as any other driver when it comes to car insurance policy. You can choose to take out basic third party insurance, or you could add additional extras if you would prefer. For example, would you like to be protected in case your car gets stolen? You may automatically assume that this protection is included in your car insurance policy. However a lot of the time it isn’t and you will need to read through your terms and conditions to see what is actually included in your policy.

There are some things that you can do to get cheap teen car insurance and that includes purchasing an older car. Your first car should never be anything too fancy or sporty; otherwise you will have to pay a fortune on insurance. So choose a sensible car until you can build up a no claims bonus. Then once you have been driving for a while, purchase a newer car and your insurance will not be through the roof.

Overall car insurance for teens can be expensive. If you look around however you should be able to find a few good deals to suit you. Remember that there are things that you can do to lower your insurance quote too. So even if you are a teenager, you can make certain changes that will lower your insurance rate.

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